Accounting for entrepreneurs in Turkey

Organization of accounting and tax consultations for entrepreneurs in Turkey.
Turkey has a fairly comfortable tax regime for entrepreneurs today.


Corporate tax rate


Tax on dividends

1, 8 или 18%

VAT rate depending on the type of activity

Taxation in Turkey and reporting
All accounting of companies is conducted according to strictly defined accounting standards. The Commercial Code regulates the form of reporting and the specifics of accounting records. In addition, it establishes that the shareholders' meeting of the company must be held within 3 months after the end of the financial year.

Foreign investors who open a company in Turkey must fill out certain forms that relate to their activities. They are also obliged to inform the Ministry about all changes in the shareholder asset and other legal issues, as well as submit declarations (annual and monthly) to the tax service.

Having decided to register an LLC or a joint-stock company in Turkey, you can use the services of qualified specialists of FINTERGA Consulting Groups Turkey, who will help you make an informed decision on starting a business and provide support services for the registration of a company in the chosen jurisdiction. We are ready to help you quickly, and most importantly, to formalize your business correctly.
Our services
Providing professional tax consultation
Our tax specialists with higher accounting education in Turkey and extensive professional experience will advise you on any accounting issues.
Bookkeeping of your Turkish company
Like any other country, when it comes to accounting, Turkey has its own specifics. Entrust the accounting of your company to specialists to avoid costly mistakes.
Assistance in passing tax audits
Tax audit is fortunately not a frequent, but quite stressful procedure. We will help you go through this process easily and painlessly.
Licensing and receiving tax benefits
Some types of business in Turkey require additional permits and licenses. Along with this, there is the possibility of preferential taxation and receiving tax deductions. An experienced professional will be able to save a substantial amount.
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