Turkish citizenship by real estate investments

By purchasing a property worth $ 400,000, or other investments you and your family members receive Turkish citizenship.
If you are the owner of Turkish real estate, you can get a residence permit and get Turkish citizenship after 5 years of residence. To do this, you need to have real estate and apply to the migration service of the republic for citizenship.

However, you don't have to wait 5 years. There is a program in the country that allows you to obtain citizenship on the basis of investments. That is, having bought a house for 400 000 $ or more, citizenship can be issued immediately. Moreover, it acts not only on the investor himself, but also on close family members (wife and children).
Advantages of Turkish citizenship
Dual citizenship
Dual citizenship is allowed in the country, which means you do not need to give up your first citizenship.
Simplified relocation to the USA
An investor visa issued in Turkey gives the right to open a company in the United States and move there in a simplified manner.
Visa-free travel to 116 countries
The list of visa-free countries is constantly expanding. To date, the Turkish passport allows you to visit 116 countries that have concluded an agreement with Turkey without a visa.
Visa-free travel to 116 countries around the world
The list of visa-free countries is constantly expanding. To date, the Turkish passport allows you to visit 116 countries that have concluded an agreement with Turkey without a visa.
Applying for a business visa to the UK
A Turkish citizen can claim the right to reside in the UK thanks to a special Association Agreement with the Euro Community (1963).
Life and work on legal grounds
The decision on citizenship is made in just 3 months, which is much faster than in EU countries.
Three years after the purchase of the property, it can be sold. During these three years, it can be used for commercial purposes, rented out and receive a stable income.
To obtain Turkish citizenship for investment, you need to start a process that consists of three steps.
  • 1
    Fulfillment of one of the investment conditions
  • 2
    Obtaining a short-term residence permit
  • 3
    Sending an application for citizenship for investment to the Immigration Department.
Other opportunities for obtaining Turkish citizenship by investment
Buying real estate
The amount of 400 thousand US dollars or more.
Investments in the authorized capital of a Turkish company
Investments in the authorized capital of a Turkish company
Job creation
Create jobs for 50 people or more.
Bank deposit
Depositing 500 thousand dollars or more on a deposit in a Turkish bank.
Purchase of government bonds
Purchase of government bonds or other debt instruments in the amount of 500 thousand dollars.
Buying a share in a mutual fund
Acquisition of a share of an investment fund worth from 500 thousand dollars.
Procedure for considering an application for citizenship
An application for citizenship by investment is considered by a special commission. Then the Ministry evaluates the application and submits it to the President for a final decision. The application procedure includes the steps of obtaining an investment certificate, registration of a short-term residence permit, a resident card, sending all data related to citizenship.

You can apply directly or remotely by attorney. At the final stage of registration, the investor and next of kin must provide their fingerprints to obtain a passport. As a rule, an application for a residence permit is considered within 2-3 weeks, and an application for citizenship – 3 months.

The procedure for obtaining Turkish citizenship for investment requires precise compliance with all the nuances. Errors and shortcomings can lead not only to an undesirable loss of time, but also to the rejection of the application. To help our clients achieve their goals in the shortest way, we carefully check the entire package of documents and meticulously accompany the process of obtaining citizenship at each stage.
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