Residence permit in Turkey

In order to legally live in Turkey, you need a residence permit (ikamet). Ikamet is a document in the form of a plastic card, which is issued for one or two years. The term of its service is determined by special state bodies. After the expiration of the term, it can be extended.
Types of residence permit in Turkey
Issued for a period of 6 months, 1 year, 2 years. It is designed for tourists, owners of real estate, participants of official educational programs, persons undergoing treatment.
It is issued for a period of no more than 2 years and is designed for foreign relatives of Turkish citizens.
It is issued for the entire period of study. This residence permit is designed for those who receive education in the country.
It is valid for 1 year and is intended for refugees.
The indefinite residence permit is designed for those who have been living in Turkey for 8 years or more.
Features of the Turkish residence permit
A short-term residence permit does not mean that a foreigner can work in the country. In order to work legally in Turkey, you need to obtain a work permit.

The Law (No. 6458) on residence permit in Turkey (2013) assume the tourists do not have the right to stay in the country for more than 90 days. If it is necessary to extend the period of stay, the foreigner must issue a residence permit. In order to submit an application, he is given 30 days from the moment of arrival.

If you have real estate in Turkey, the procedure for obtaining a residence permit becomes easier. Your rights to stay in the country are not registered automatically, but still, having your own property will be easier for you than for those who are tenants.
How to get a residence permit
To apply for a residence permit, you need to pay a fee when submitting an application. You can pay for it at the local tax inspectorate, at the offices of GOC/DGM, or at HALKBANK.

After filling out the application, a foreign citizen gets the right to stay in Turkey legally until the rendezvous (that is, an interview with a representative of the migration department). The General Directorate of Migration takes all decisions on applications from foreigners. Then the consulate issues a residence permit, or refuses it, based on the data received.

After 8 years of residence in the country, you can get a long-term residence permit in Turkey. It should be taken into account that the period of stay outside the country should be no more than 365 days in 5 years, or 180 days in 1 year.
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