Relocation of business to Turkey

Open your company in Turkey and work with all countries without restrictions. We take care of the entire process of registering your company from the initial consultation to a full-fledged working company with a current account.
Opening a company in Turkey
Turkey has been a country with a rapid pace of economic development for many years. According to forecasts, it will remain one of the most successful regions for business among the countries of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. There are benefits in the country, including tax benefits for those who open a company in Turkey in subsidized areas. The tax regime in the country can be described as successful for doing business.

The main legislative document regulating the procedure for starting a business is the Commercial Code, as well as related by-laws. Having made a decision to register a company in Turkey, the owner is obliged to send an application of the appropriate form to the commercial register of a particular province.

The country encourages foreign investors. In order to attract them, appropriate programs have been developed. For example, you can get an Investment Incentive Certificate, which exempts you from a number of fees, and also has a number of bonuses and allowances. For example, VAT refunds, tax cuts, social insurance benefits and much more.

All information about the company is set out in the charter, which is the main constituent document of the company. It also specifies the mechanisms that regulate the activities of the business, for example, the procedures for the appointment of executives, the regulation of general meetings of shareholders. Any amendments to the charter are adopted with the participation of all the founders. The document is fixed in the commercial register and is publicly available.
What opportunities does the company offer in Turkey
Unhindered settlement with counterparties
A foreign company can open a settlement account in Turkey and conduct settlements with counterparties from Europe, the USA, Russia and other countries.
Possibility of remote company registration
Our specialists in Turkey will register a company for you remotely. Your arrival will be required only once when opening a payment bank account.
Low cost of company maintenance
Compared to many other countries, the operating costs of a company in Turkey are quite low.
The possibility of opening a current account
Unlike many other countries where it is quite difficult for companies with foreign capital to open a settlement account, in Turkey you can do it quite easily and make settlements with any countries.
No work permit is required
If you do not plan to permanently reside in Turkey, you do not need to obtain a work permit. You can manage the company and the payment account remotely.
Comfortable business climate for foreigners
The Turkish government not only does not join the sanctions, but strongly supports foreign investment in Turkey.
By opening a company in Turkey, you will be able to work comfortably and settle accounts with customers and suppliers from various countries. This is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs in the current situation.
Tanja Pelkonen
Fintegra CEO
Company registration service in Turkey
  • Initial consultation on opening a company
  • Advice on basic tax issues
  • Notary services in Turkey
  • Drafting and translation of a power of attorney
  • Getting an individual tax number
  • Registration of a company in Turkey at the request of the client
  • Legal address as a gift for the first 3 months
  • Tax registration of the company
  • Opening a payment account in a Turkish bank
  • The first month of accounting with a 50% discount
At the moment there are no official restrictions for the opening of companies by foreign founders. Given the current political situation, Russian citizens are also not restricted in this right.
Taxation in Turkey and reporting
All accounting of companies is conducted according to strictly defined accounting standards. The Commercial Code regulates the form of reporting and the specifics of accounting records. In addition, it establishes that the shareholders' meeting of the company must be held within 3 months after the end of the financial year of the company.

Foreign investors who open a company in Turkey must fill out certain forms that relate to their activities. They are also obliged to inform the Ministry about all changes in the shareholder asset and other legal issues, as well as submit declarations (annual and monthly) to the tax service.

Having decided to register an LLC or a joint-stock company in Turkey, you can use the services of qualified specialists of FINTERGA Consulting Groups Turkey, who will help you make an informed decision on starting a business and provide support services for the registration of a company in the chosen jurisdiction. We are ready to help you quickly, and most importantly, to formalize your business correctly.

Stages of company registration
Collection of documents and preparation of the charter
You send your personal manager the documents and data necessary for the registration of the company. At this stage, you need to send the documents and data necessary for the registration of the company to your personal manager. Also at this stage, the company's charter is being prepared, where the following information will be indicated: What are the company's areas of activity, who are the founders, how are the shares in the authorized capital distributed, what is the legal address of the company, who is the director, who is a member of the directors. Our specialists will prepare a charter for you according to your parameters. All documents must be written in Turkish.

You can specify several types of activities. It is necessary to prescribe in advance in the charter what the company will do. If you need to register additional activities after the company is already registered, this will entail additional costs and time for updating data.

The founders of the company can be both legal entities and individuals.
Submission of documents to the Chamber of Commerce
After all the necessary documents have been collected and the company's charter has been prepared, we send an application for registration to the Chamber of Commerce

Previously, the entire package of documents will be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce by our specialist through an online service. The Chamber of Commerce will set a date for the visit, usually a period of 3-4 days depending on the load. The entire company registration process will take an average of one week.
Opening a payment account in a bank
After the company is registered, we can open a bank account. There are several large state-owned banks in Turkey, and a large number of private banks. The client can choose which bank suits him best.
Upon your request, we can recommend you specific banks in which, in our opinion, it will be easier to open a current account for a foreign company and which will be the most convenient for work. Opening an account will require the personal presence of a representative of the company, a director, or a shareholder of the company.
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