Residential and Commercial Real Estate in Turkey

Assistance in the selection and purchase of residential and commercial real estate in Turkey directly from the developer.
Examples of real estate objects
Benefits of buying property in Turkey
Turkish citizenship
By purchasing a property worth $ 400,000, you and your family members get Turkish citizenship.
Reliable investment of money
By buying a property in Turkey, you acquire a reliable asset that is growing in price and have the opportunity to earn on renting.
Transparent purchase procedure
The entire purchase and sale procedure can be carried out in just 2 days. After purchasing the object, you get a TAPU (certificate of ownership) in your hands
Residence permit for the purchase of real estate from $ 30,000
If you are not ready to buy a property for $400,000, you can buy a house for a much smaller amount and at the same time get a residence permit in Turkey.
High liquidity
The demand for real estate in Turkey has been and remains consistently high.
Low cost of ownership
The annual property tax in Turkey is 0.2% of the cadastral value of the property, which is significantly lower compared to many European countries (Spain, Greece, Bulgaria).
Our services
  • Initial consultation with a real estate specialist
  • Individual selection of real estate objects for your purposes
  • Calculation of the potential profitability of objects
  • Full support of the purchase and sale transaction
  • Organization of viewing objects in your presence, or remotely
  • Support of the procedure for obtaining citizenship until the moment of receiving a passport in hand
By purchasing real estate in Turkey in the amount of $ 400,000, you and your family members receive Turkish citizenship
A Turkish passport gives you many advantages. As a Turkish citizen, you can visit more than 116 countries of the world without a visa and conduct business and settlements with the whole world.

Turkish law allows for dual citizenship, so you won't need to renounce your current citizenship.
The mild climate of Turkey, lots of sun and fresh fruits will have a positive effect on your health.

Turkey is one of the countries of the E2 agreement, this gives you the opportunity to move to the United States on a non-immigrant investor visa.
Process of obtaining Turkish citizenship by investing in real estate
Consultation with our specialist
Our consultant will tell you in detail about the procedure for obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate in Turkey. You will agree on a project implementation plan, get valuable recommendations and learn about the «pitfalls»
Selection of a real estate object
We will select the most profitable objects for you not only from the point of view of obtaining citizenship, but also from the point of view of liquidity and potential profitability.
Buying an object
Our experts will help you with the execution of the purchase and sale transaction, verification of documents and organization of payment.
Obtaining a residence permit
A residence permit is required to apply for citizenship. It is issued immediately after the purchase of real estate. At the same time, unlike many other countries, you do not have to live in the country either to obtain or to extend a residence permit.
Obtaining citizenship
After obtaining a residence permit, you can immediately apply for citizenship. The whole procedure from buying a property to getting a passport in hand will take about 2 months. After receiving a passport, you get all the rights of a Turkish citizen and you can also start moving to the United States on special visas available to Turkish citizens.
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